We’re women who believe that you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your wellness routine despite your busy schedule. We’re dedicated to bringing you products that are worthy of your time and plug right into your routine so you can keep blazing your own trail. We’re keen on what we put into our bodies and are proud to source non-GMO hemp that’s grown to organic standards. We've built our brand for women who don’t conform to the norm, whatever that is.

You’re a do-it-all woman, empowered and optimistic. You don’t skimp when it comes to your health and wellness routine. You value creativity, exploration and building healthy habits. You care about what you put into your body and want healthy options. We hear you ladies!

Right after welcoming her first baby into the world, Union of Element's Founder, Hannah Sowers, began to realize her deep desire for a close-knit community of women. Maternity leave was a lonely space, especially with a baby requiring undivided attention. Hannah imagined that like her, most new moms were having feelings of loneliness on some level. She stumbled upon a moms group at a local hospital and it became the highlight of her week. She was surrounded by a group of women juggling the exact same challenges, sharing tips and giving emotional support. It was a judgement-free zone where she could express and ask questions about the challenges she was facing as a new mom. That was her first glimpse into how real community can impact someone’s life.
Hannah wants to embody that same type of community at Union of Elements for women who feel alone in their challenges. Creating a community based in support and education is paramount to the work that we’re doing through Union of Elements.
Hannah had her first intimate introduction to the benefits of cannabis when a close friend of hers shared that they had been using cannabis for anxiety and PTSD. Admittedly, there was initial skepticism but her friend testified to cannabis’ ability to work in a way that traditional pharmaceuticals hadn’t. 
Hannah then began her deep dive into the benefits of CBD. From paging through medical journals and looking into new legislation surrounding cannabis and hemp she realized that there was more to uncover.
In creating opportunities for honest open conversations with her community Hannah realized that the stigma associated with opting for CBD in lieu of traditional pharmaceuticals was on the decline and this is what prompted her to begin her journey to create a company dedicated to women who desire education, community and a safe product to incorporate into their wellness routines. 
Union of Elements is the product of Hannah Sower’s entrepreneurial determination and passion for community. A mom of two young kids and two rambunctious doggos, Hannah and her husband’s home is always bustling. Like most twenty-first century women, there’s never a dull moment and her schedule is always brimming with family activities, meet-ups with friends, play dates, Pacific Northwest hikes, date nights with the hubby and the very necessary self-care rituals. A native to Washington, you’ll find Hannah running marketing for Audible where her passion for communication and community are well suited. If there is one thing that Hannah’s learned by being a full-time Boss Mom, it’s that community is the key to success — and it’s been the inspiration behind building a brand for the modern woman from the ground up.