Featured: Press release from Big Commerce

Featured: Press release from Big Commerce

Posted by Kaitlin McMillan on Jun 23rd 2020

We're thrilled that our website design has been featured in a press release put out by Big Commerce as they announce their new Page Builder web app, an intuitive, drag-and-drop visual design tool.

We took advantage of their page builder tool to build and design our website with full creative liberty and without having to hire a web-developer. 

Excerpt from the press release: 

Experience-driven brands like Union of Elements, a Seattle-based organic hemp and CBD merchant, are now using Page Builder to craft immersive, customized commerce sites.

“Page Builder gave us the creative liberty to make decisions without having to bring on a web developer,” said Hannah Sowers, founder of Union of Elements. “We chose a theme we generally liked, and with Page Builder, we weren’t restricted to the theme layout. Our designers had the freedom to place elements where they best fit and build a personalized strategy.”

For the full press release visit here: