Our Founder Opens Up About The Genesis Of Her CBD Venture

Our Founder Opens Up About The Genesis Of Her CBD Venture

Posted by Andrea Larson on Jun 25th 2020

At Union of Elements we take pride in educating ourselves, connecting with our wellness community and admitting that the pressure to do it all is real!

This week our Content Strategist, Andrea Larson had the chance to sit down with our Founder, Hannah Sowers to chat about her venture into the CBD space, her dedication to the community we’re building, juggling personal and professional endeavors and why it’s never too late to admit that it’s ok to need some assistance in being the best version of yourself.

We’re committed to lifting the veil and giving visibility into the lives of the modern day woman. Whether you’re a mamma, a hustler, an entrepreneur, a 22-year-old college student with dreams bigger than her pockets, we understand you and we’re here for you. We’re working to create that space you need to be celebrated and nurtured.

Removing The Stigma Of Legal CBD

Hannah had her first intimate introduction to the benefits of cannabis when a close friend of hers shared that they had been using cannabis for her anxiety and PTSD. Admittedly, there was initial skepticism but her friend testified to cannabis’ ability to work in a way that traditional pharmaceuticals hadn’t because of CBD, which is the second most prevalent active component of the cannabis plant.

Understanding this and knowing there was new research into wellness applications, Hannah began her research into the role CBD plays.

“After my friend shared the positive impact that cannabis was having on her mental and physical wellness I decided to conduct a deep dive into the benefits of CBD for my own education,” 

Hannah notes. From paging through medical journals and looking into new legislation surrounding cannabis Hannah realized that there was more to uncover than she had imagined. “Once I began sharing my interest with family and friends I was surprised to learn how many of them were already using CBD for a myriad of reasons. I was already late to the game,” Hannah shares.

In creating opportunities for honest open conversations with her community Hannah realized that the stigma associated with opting for CBD in lieu of traditional pharmaceuticals was on the decline and this is what prompted her to begin her journey to create a company dedicated to women who desire education, community and a safe product to incorporate into their wellness routines.

Balancing Personal And Professional Life With CBD

Like many of us Hannah has to balance a busy home with a career in marketing. “I have a bustling home with a husband, two kids and two dogs. Outside of my work at Union of Elements I also have a career in marketing at,” shares Hannah. Once Hannah got over the stigma of CBD and the realization that it wouldn’t cause the “high” associated with THC products she knew that she wanted to create an approachable brand of wellness products rooted in quality ingredients that other women could get behind.

“It takes a concerted effort to balance my work life with my home life. Before CBD I was finding that while maintaining a strong routine between work and home was useful I was struggling to transition into different modes,” Hannah notes. “Now, I’ve added full-spectrum CBD gel caps to my morning office routine to sharpen my concentration and settle into my day. When I hop into bed with achy bones and a mind that won’t slow down, I use the full-spectrum CBD drops to drift off to sleep even with my husband watching TV loudly next to me,” Hannah laughs.

Of course, CBD isn’t a fix all, but coupled with a lifestyle dedicated to wellness and a supportive community CBD may be a great option for those hustling from one responsibility to the next. “My brand exists to create that safe space where women can explore products that can help them to overcome those mental and physical challenges that they feel are holding them back. Products that seamlessly fit into their self care, fitness, nutrition or sleep routines.”

Building Community Is Paramount #itsavibe

It’s hard to deny the pivotal role that community plays in maintaining a healthy physical and mental wellness routine. Whether it’s a close knit group of brunchers, yogis or book club enthusiasts having a community of allies to share your life (both the good and bad) with is crucial to feeling connected, especially in 2020.

“Pressure to be perfect is rampant. With the advent of social media, modern women are finding pressure that is unlike anything past generations had to deal with. For some anxiety is crippling. And some women never talk about it. They don’t seek help and they just accept it. I want those women to be able to live life. To know it's ok if you are feeling crummy and you should have someone to talk about it with. And if you need support in the way of products I want them to feel comfortable in a safe space exploring those options without judgement or expectations.”

Right after welcoming her first baby into the world Hannah began to realize her deep desire for a close-knit community of women. Maternity leave was a lonely space, especially with a baby requiring undivided attention. To kick it all off most, if not all, of Hannah’s family members and friends were still working and she had few people to reach out to during the day. “While I was not diagnosed with postpartum depression, I can imagine like me, most new moms have these feelings on some level. At that time I found a moms group at a hospital. It became the highlight of my week. It gave me a reason for getting dressed to get out of the house. Once there I was surrounded by a group of women juggling the exact same challenges, sharing tips, giving emotional support. It was a judgement-free zone where I could express and ask questions about the challenges I was facing as a new mom. That was my first glimpse into how real community can impact someone’s life. I want to embody that same type of community here for women who feel alone in their challenges.” Creating a community based in support and education is paramount to the work that we do here at Union of Elements. As our brand grows and evolves we’d love to hear some of the ways that community has positively impacted your life.