Vibin' Shampoo

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This healthy hair formula promotes luscious strong hair growth and is gentle enough for everyday use. You can depend on our commitment to quality in all of our products including our Shampoo and Conditioners, which are sulfate free and packed with coconut derived moisturizers and vegetable proteins. Our formula's are fortified with Vitamins A,D & 500MG of certified organic CBD leaving your hair feels soft, healthy, and resilient. Plus it styles easily - and we all like easy!

Shampoo Highlights: Laureth-4 Panthenol CocamidopropylBetaine GlycolDistearate Polyquaternium7 ConditionerHighlights: CoconutDerivedMoisturizers VegetableProtein FortifiedwithVitaminsA, D&E

Paraben Free,Cruelty Free,Soy Free,Infused with Botanicals,Sulfate Free,Glutan Free,Vegan,USA CBD